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Brenda Cooper is an escapee from a polygamist compound known as Zion’s Mount (or ZM for short) located in the high desert area of Southern California. ZM is run by The Church of the Redeemed, an organization that has ties to a violent group of so-called fundamentalist Mormons who operated out of San Diego during the early 1970s. As the third wife of one of the cult’s leaders, Brenda’s disappearance is taken more seriously than most, and the church will stop at nothing to get her back—including murder. After evading capture by enforcers from the compound, Brenda seeks help from Zachariah (Zack) Burton, an ex-FBI-agent-turned-private-investigator living on a 50-foot cabin cruiser in San Pedro, California. What follows is a series of ill-timed adventures that leads the two from Mexico to Southern Nevada in search of a lost family gold mine. Brenda hopes to use ore from this mine to entice Zack to rescue her fourteen-year old daughter from the compound before she can be married off to a man thirty-five years her senior. As Brenda and Zack attempt to execute their plan, they encounter a criminal organization that is far more sinister than the cult members who are pursuing them. Soon after, they learn that Brenda’s freedom is not the only thing at stake—but also her life…and virtually everything else she holds dear.

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By: Theresa Reagan-Blood

Zion’s Web is a fast moving easy read. ZM is the abbreviated title given to the isolated location for a polygamist cult in the desert of Southern California. The main characters are Brenda Cooper, the third wife of ZM’s President Cooper, who has escaped from ZM and private detective Zack Burton.

Mr. Snow has skill in intertwining detailed descriptions of the subjects, locations, and the personalities of the characters, at the same time he shares his knowledge and opinions about the history of the Mormon faith and its use and abandonment of the practice of polygamy.

The story is interesting and fast moving. An intrigue exists throughout the book; the tension is maintained by the periodic introduction of new nefarious characters as well as the appearance of FBI agents gone bad and a growing love/emotional interest between Brenda and Zack. Brenda was married off at 14 and in a loveless relationship and Zack is widowed after an all too short marriage ended by the death of a loving wife and friend.

The actual location or setting of the story changes from a seedy part of San Pedro to remote Mexican towns, Catalina ocean, and the Trona desert.

Mr. Snow has held nothing back in his effort to entertain, thrill and surprise his readers. He leaves the reader waiting for his next adventure with Zachariah Burton.

Michael Snow lives in the Southern California mountain community of Big Bear City with his wife Jan of twenty-eight years and his two dogs, a spunky Pomeranian named Nicole and his trusty Black Lab, Chance. In addition to writing books, Michael has worked in commercial banking for over thirty years and serves as the Ward Clerk in the Big Bear Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Michael’s twenty-seven year old son, Stephen, lives nearby and is excited about seeing ZION’S WEB in print. Although ZION’S WEB is the first book Michael has published, he has written others, and is anxious to deliver the next episode in the Zachariah Burton saga.

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